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*50% savings compared to other dentists full fees
*Cash prices only, with no insurance involved
*Prices subject to change without notice
*Many other procedures and fees are involved in immediate denture treatment, the doctor will give each patient an individualized treatment plan at the free denture consultation
*Not all patients are candidates for this treatment, the doctor will discuss and advise at  free denture consultation of your suitability for this procedure
**Bring your printed treatment plan from a local dentist; we will try to give you a better price
***Special low extraction fees available only as part of comprehensive denture treatment
WE'LL BEAT ANY PRICE! ** Click for special offer
Free Denture Consultation
Free Second Opinion                
Immediate Dentures $290 each (with
comprehensive denture treatment)*

Extractions $19 & up ***
Full mouth extraction and immediate
dentures at up to 50% savings*
Implants for Loose Lowers

Sleep Dentistry for anxious patients
We accept most insurance plans
More low fees:
  • Emergency Visit $50
  • Emergency Extraction $100 & up
  • Fillings $80 & up
  • Bleaching $290

Fall Coupon
10% off denture treatment*

*offer applies to new patients only. offer expires December 21, 2016.
*maximum $400 discount per person.
**Bring your printed treatment plan from a local dentist; we'll try to beat their price
must mention special offer at first visit to redeem.
treatment fees must be paid in full at start of treatment to qualify for offer.
offer not available with financing or insurance coverage.

right click and select print target to print coupon.

Dr Morse
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L. Morse, DMD
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