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*50% savings compared to other dentists full fees
*Cash prices only, with no insurance involved
*Prices subject to change without notice
*Many other procedures and fees are involved in immediate denture treatment, the doctor will give each patient an individualized treatment plan at the free denture consultation
*Not all patients are candidates for this treatment, the doctor will discuss and advise at  free denture consultation of your suitability for this procedure
**Bring your printed treatment plan from a local dentist; we will try to give you a better price
***Special low extraction fees available only as part of comprehensive denture treatment

Free Denture Consultation
Free Second Opinion                
Immediate Dentures $290 each (with
comprehensive denture treatment)*
Extractions $19 & up ***
Full mouth extraction and immediate
dentures at up to 50% savings*
Implants for Loose Lowers
Sleep Dentistry for anxious patients
We accept most insurance plans
More low fees:
  • Emergency Visit $50
  • Emergency Extraction $100 & up
  • Fillings $80 & up
  • Bleaching $290
  • 3439 West Northern Phoenix
  • 1100 N Alma School Chandler
L. Morse, DMD
3439 W Northern Phoenix, AZ 85051
1100 N Alma School Chandler, AZ 85224 480-855-4444